• We are

    Gender-focused: dedicated to the positive development of women and girls
    Grassroots: employing a bottom-up approach to social transformation
    Volunteer-run: fueled by the altruism of everyday Sudanese people

  • Promoting Self-sufficiency

    Believing that self-sufficiency is the key to empowerment and freedom, Sudan-Reach helps women start income generating projects by providing vocational training and small grants for micro-enterprises.

  • Investing in Girls' Education

    Believing in the gift of education, Sudan-Reach keeps girls in school by supplementing tuition expenses, rebuilding schools, revitalizing classrooms and supporting school personnel.

    Education is a significant alleviator of poverty. At Sudan-Reach, investing in this fundamental human right is our highest priority.

  • Enhancing Learning Environments

    Providing healthier, properly ventilated, clean, and fully equipped classrooms to promote better learning environments for elementary school girls.

  • Rebuilding Walls

    At Sudan-Reach, we are repairing schools devastated by years of neglect and inadequate funding.

  • Providing Clean Water

    We provide safe, sanitary drinking water for students and staff to help offset the impact of Sudan's scorching summer months and prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Sudan has changed. So have we. 2012 has been a transformational year at Sudan-Reach. We have reworked our mission and scope to adjust to budget realities and determine how best to remain efficient and stay afloat in difficult times.

The following transformations have occurred:

  • Sudan-Reach is now a Khartoum-based organization, no longer operating in the United States
  • We are smaller and more efficient
  • We have a revised mission & vision statement
  • We have scaled down programs to increase impact and effectiveness

Learn more about us, our new mission, streamlined programs, and how you can take part in it all.