Women Inspiring Women


Sudanese women in Khartoum are invited to take part in our awareness initiative by hosting a gathering of at least 10 women for an educational discussion on a host of issues – environmental awareness, maternal health, social rights, business planning, or any other topic where there is demonstrated need. As an educator, you will be required to first submit a proposal outlining your project. Educators may receive compensation.

To lead an awareness project in your community or neighborhood, contact Sudan-Reach with the following information:

  • Where the gathering will be hosted
  • The number of women/girls you expect to reach (Minimum 10)
  • Your proposed topic
  • Explanation of need for your project
  • How you plan to publicize/promote the event
  • Amount/type of support needed from Sudan-Reach
  • How the event will be documented
  • Agreement to provide high-resolution otographs
  • A detailed plan to measure results and conduct follow up surveys
  • Your detailed contact information (tel, email, Facebook)
  • Other relevant information
  • Proposals may be submitted in English or Arabic